Success Stories




I was struggling with opiate maintenance meds for almost 6 years after an even longer battle with opiate meds. As soon as I told Christine Clarenbach what I was going through, and how badly I wanted out, she took me under her wing. She introduced me to her program and I got started right away. She explained to me how toxic my body was, not only from the meds, but also from what I was consuming and putting into my body every day. She explained the necessity of detoxing my body. I quickly realized how fast I was beginning to detox every day, much faster than any other time before. The acute withdrawal symptoms normally lasted several months before this time. In previous attempts to quit, I found my withdrawal symptoms wouldn’t even start until day 3. Here I was 6 hours after starting the program already in a state of withdrawal. Although, at first, this was a little unpleasant (especially at work). I knew my dependence on it was decreasing and moving out of my system at a MUCH faster rate. 

I spent the next 3 months maintaining the diet, taking the detox supplement and steadily weaning myself off the opiates. I used all-natural botanicals, mainly for anxiety. I continued to work every day through the hardest of times. The acute withdrawal only lasted 2 weeks and was exponentially easier than all previous attempts. I will never try to make this sound like it was an easy process - it most certainly was not easy- but I did it and if I can do it, SO CAN YOU! 

Today, I am clean and will NEVER turn my back on this diet. More importantly, the community of loving caring individuals that helped get me here, the HCF community and Christine Clarenbach, saved my life. This lifestyle could change yours, just like it did mine!

Live it to Lead it!
Chris Wentworth